Valley Counseling Services is dedicated to giving children and their families an early start on success. Early intervention with children and families is critical for healthy development emotionally, socially and academically. Our Early Childhood Mental Health services are offered to assist children up to age 6 who are:

  • Victims of domestic violence or other trauma
  • Living in a stressful environment
  • Experiencing attachment issues
  • Displaying difficulty with behavior regulation

Perinatal Care:

Valley Counseling Services is one of Ohio’s leading providers of perinatal care. Lilies of the Valley is a program that helps mothers have and raise healthy babies. We support mothers from before the child’s birth to age two, by providing them with a treatment team consisting of a psychiatrist, nurse, therapist and early childhood consultant. The program helps to build skills that encourage growth in both the child and mother’s emotional, social, and physical health.


Early Childhood Mental Health Services:

This program helps parents develop their children’s social, emotional, and behavioral skills up to 6 years of age. Services include individual therapy, family therapy and case management which are offered in the home and school environment. These services address healthy ways to raise and nurture a child to lead them to success.


Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services:

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services are intended to promote social and emotional development in children and transform challenging behaviors. Services provided at Valley Counseling Services include an assessment of your toddler or preschooler’s behavior within a childcare or preschool setting. Consultants observe how the child interacts with teachers and other children as well as their participation in daily childcare activities. ECMH Consultation will then provide strategies to help manage the behaviors or concerns.

Parenting Classes/Guidance:

We provide services to teach parenting skills, and connect parents with resources that help them make the best decisions regarding their child’s health and education.